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  • How far in advance should I book my glam?
    Booking 8 to 12 months in advance is recommended, particularly for the high season from October to June.
  • What is the booking process like?
    To book your wedding services with us, begin by filling out the Wedding Inquiry form on our website [HERE]. A Wedding Coordinator will contact you within 24 hours to gather additional details. Once availability is confirmed and your details are received, we'll prepare a reservation form outlining pricing and services. You'll then receive a contract and credit card authorization form to sign. A deposit paid via PayPal is required to secure your booking, with the remaining balance due in cash on the wedding day.
  • Do I have to sign a contract?
    Yes, a contract and credit card authorization form must be filled out in order to reserve your wedding date.
  • Do you charge tax?
    Yes, tax is applied to the deposit amount at a rate of 13%. This tax is only applicable to the deposit, as we are a Canadian company.
  • Do you charge travel fees?
    Yes, our travel fees vary depending on the location, as we provide services in many different cities.
  • How do vendor fees work?
    Before finalizing your booking with us, please reach out to your planner or hotel to inquire about vendor fees. Be aware that weddings are non-refundable in the event that we are denied permission to be on-site.
  • Is there a tip included?
    Yes, there will be an 18% automatic gratuity added to your final total.
  • How much is the deposit?
    The deposit amounts to 30% of the total balance and must be paid via PayPal or credit card.
  • Can I pay the final balance by credit card?
    The remaining balance must be paid in cash and collected before any services commence on the day of the wedding. All payments for everyone's services must be altogether in one envelope. Individual payments will not be accepted.
  • Do you do Airbrush makeup?
    Yes. Although the majority of our brides (95%) prefer traditional makeup application, we like to offer both options. Traditional makeup application involves using products like foundation, concealer, blush, and powder applied with brushes and sponges. The makeup artist manually blends and layers the products onto the skin to achieve a soft glam look. Airbrush makeup application utilizes a specialized airbrush tool to apply the makeup in a fine mist. The makeup products are typically water or silicone-based, and the airbrush gun delivers a controlled, even application for a flawless finish. It is a very full coverage look and it not recommended for mature or dry skin.
  • What services do you offer?
    We offer hair, makeup, nails and lash services. Our team is super experienced in working with all skin types, colors and ages. We do both traditional and airbrush makeup applications. We offer lashes, either strip or individual, as part of our makeup services, with no additional cost. We use high-quality professional products for all our services. We strongly advise using hair extensions, not just for added length or volume, but also for maintaining the hairstyle's longevity in warm climates. We offer both temporary and permanent extension options. See below for further details.
  • Are there a minimum number of services required in order to book?
    For the majority of locations and dates, our minimum requirement is 6 services (either hair or makeup), however for some destinations, we can be flexible. Typically, each stylist can handle 6 services. If there are more than 6 services, a second stylist will be assigned. When incorporating additional stylists, our goal is for each to manage a minimum of 5 services.
  • How do trials work?
    We recommend trials to everyone - ideally 3 months before the wedding. If that's not possible, trials can be arranged shortly before the wedding, for a welcome party or rehearsal dinner. Facetime calls with stylists are available for an extra fee. Trials must be booked along with the wedding reservation for specific dates and cannot be booked separately for certain locations, dates, and stylists.
  • What is an 'inspo photo'?
    We require hair and makeup inspiration photos sent via email prior to finalizing your booking. As well as a recent photo of yourself, clearly displaying your face, hair color, and length. Failure to submit these images before completing the reservation may impact our ability to achieve your desired style. If you have an Instagram account, we encourage you to share your profile. This helps us in preparing for your services and choosing the best stylist for you.
  • Who will be my stylist or makeup artist for the wedding day?
    All of our stylists are of the same level of expertise. After reviewing your photos and inspirations, we'll match you with a stylist. We offer two categories: Master and Artist stylists, the pricing difference is solely based on their years and experience in the industry.
  • Can I request a specific stylist or makeup artist?
    While we'll do our best to accommodate your request, the availability of specific stylists or makeup artists may vary. Rest assured, all our artists are hand picked by Chelsea, our owner, and share the same aesthetic, product kit and level of service that is shown on our Instagram pages and other social platforms.
  • Are the stylists English or Spanish speaking?
    90% of our team are fluent in both English and Spanish. In the rare instance that a stylist doesn't speak English perfectly, we'll ensure they are paired with another stylist who can assist with translation.
  • How long does each service take?
    Each stylist dedicates 45 minutes per service for bridesmaids and guests, while each service for the bride requires 1 hour. For intricate styles like glam waves or styling with extensions, extra time is needed.
  • Do I need to make a schedule?
    No, a schedule will be made for you and your guests by our Wedding Coordinator. It will be sent to you prior to the wedding date to share with your bridal party. It is crucial that all guests adhere to the schedule. In the event that a guest is late for their scheduled start time, we cannot guarantee that the stylist will be able to fulfill their service.
  • How should I prepare my hair for the stylist?
    On the wedding date, it's important that you and your bridesmaids or guests arrive with clean, completely dry hair. We recommend a double shampoo and minimal conditioner the night before. If someone arrives with wet hair, an additional fee will be charged.
  • Do you charge extra for early start times?
    Yes. An additional fee will apply for start times earlier than 7 am.
  • Do I need to provide meals for my stylist?
    If our stylists are scheduled to work more than 4 hours, it is required to provide food and water for their convenience during this extended period.
  • Where will we get ready?
    All services will take place in one room at your getting ready location. If two rooms are necessary, they must be adjacent, and stylists cannot move between rooms. They must remain in one room/location to avoid additional time resetting their setup.
  • What can I do to help set up?
    Sufficient tables and chairs must be available for the stylists to use for their tools and products. If not provided, it is the responsibility of the bride or wedding planner to ensure this is arranged before the services begin.
  • Do I need hair extensions?
    We recommend extensions for almost every look and style, not only to add length or volume but also to enhance the longevity of the style, particularly in warm climates. I-tips, k-tips or temporary Clip-ins are ideal. If you want a downstyle, the curls and the overall shape will last longer. If you want an updo, the volume and style will end up looking more full and polished. Extensions also help minimize the natural frizz that will come from your natural hair too. Which is due to the two different hair types connecting and being styled with one another.
  • How can I prep my hair and skin for the big day?
    Here are some essential tips to consider before your big day: 1. Sun Protection: Do not go in the sun before the big day. If you must, use a very high SPF to avoid tan lines or sunburns, which can be very tricky or in some cases impossible, to cover up. Consider the cut of your dress when it comes to tan lines as well. Spray tans are the best! But be sure to do a trial run before the wedding to ensure the desired outcome. 2. Skincare Regimen: In the months leading up to the wedding, make sure you are using a consistent skin care regimen that works best for you. If you normally have any type of facial treatments, or will be starting them, ensure you know how your skin will react and have your last treatment done at least a week or two prior to your wedding. Keep in mind, some products or treatments have ingredients that are sensitive to the sun and can create issues-be sure to do your research! 3. Hydrating Treatments: The night before your wedding, we recommend using a moisturizing sleep treatment, and the day of the wedding, use a hydrating sheet mask for a radiant complexion. Make sure to test these treatments beforehand to prevent any reactions. And of course. Drink lots of water! 4. Brow Care: Clean up your brows 4-5 days before the wedding for a polished look in photos. Avoid shaping them on the day of the event to prevent redness or swelling. We love a laminated, tinted eyebrow. Just make sure to test this out three months before the wedding, and then you can do it again a week or so prior to the big day. 5. Lashes: If you are going to get lash extensions, make sure you know and love the style you will have for your wedding day. Make sure to get them done at least a month prior and then get a fill a week before leaving for Mexico. Be prepared for potential lash loss in the humid climate. Alternatively, false lashes on the wedding day are always an option. We offer individuals or strip lashes that we cut and customize to make sure they fit your eye perfectly. We can achieve any style you want, whether it be fluffy and soft, doll-like or an intense lifted look. If you are a fan of lash lifts, great! But we don’t recommend using false lashes if you have a lift as they don't adhere properly. In our opinion, it's best to choose one or the other! 6. Hair Maintenance: Refresh your hair with a trim, color, or gloss about a couple weeks before the wedding to ensure a polished look. Avoid drastic changes in hair color or style or straightening treatments right before the event. For the trial and the big day - make sure you and your bridesmaids arrive with clean, completely dry hair. A double shampoo the night before, little to no conditioner is recommended. We like to add and layer the products in ourselves due to the climate we are working with. 7. Nails: We offer manicures and pedicures and can organize appointments for you and your crew! Opt for gel, shellac or acrylics instead of polish, especially with the humid environment. Ensure your nails are done a few days before the event to prevent chipping or smudging. 8. Day of Preparations: Get a good night's sleep, eat a light breakfast, and stay hydrated on the wedding day (and especially the days leading up too!) Make sure you and your bridesmaids have inspiration photos ready and that everyone arrives on time for each service. If dresses need to be steamed, ensure this is done before hair and makeup.
  • Can I get glam waves?
    For this type of style, extensions are essential to maintain this desired look. Without them, the hairstyle may quickly lose its shape. This style requires meticulous attention and takes nearly an hour longer than most of our bridal looks.. If you prefer a looser glam wave that relaxes early on, then extensions may not be necessary. However, for a structured, long-lasting look, especially in Mexico’s humidity and heat, extensions are crucial. A trial is also a MUST.
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